Electrical InstallationS

Electrical Installations

Design, Supply, installation, Testing and Commissioning of all kinds of Electrical services like Containments, cabling, terminations, Lighting Installation, Power installations, Low current system Installation, lightning protection, BMS installations and structured cabling.

  • Design and Preparation of necessary drawings and Load Schedules.
  • Supply and installation of the Electrical power systems including LV panels, SMDBs and DBs.
  • Supply and installation of lighting installation with all necessary wires and conduits.
  • Supply and installation of small power installation with all necessary wires and conduit.
  • Arrangement of all the necessary permissions and approvals including local authorities (DEWA/SEWA/ADDC etc.).
  • Supply and Installations of Structured Cabling works as per the Etisalat/Du Requirements.
  • Design, Supply and Installations of containments, cabling, controllers etc. for BMS system and lighting control systems